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The most important achievement of the last decade is the appearance of the computer and the on-line data bases. Nowadays cataloguing and referencing is done in the Corvina integrated library system according to the USMARC standard. Through a gradually growing consortium, our library helps research work with the following data bases: EBSO, Bibliography of the History of Art, the Grove Dictionary of Art, Design and Applied Arts Index. Our university co-operates with the most important university and art libraries of the country in developing, harmonizing and filling documentation systems and data bases serving higher education and research work and in organizing joint document-providing system. 0ur library is a member of the National Document Supplying System (ODR). Furthermore it ensures a student cabinet consisting of 20 workstations for the Electronic Information Service.


In 2003 our collection held about 61000 volumes, 225 periodicals,of which 108 are foreign. Thirty-seven of the foreign periodicals can be found exclusively in our library in Hungary. Our holdings grow by 1000 books every year on average.Ninety-two people visit our library daily. The most striking statistical data is the high number of the documents used locally, which is 250 on average daily.

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